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Drillers- PDR




Drillers – Platform Drilling


We are looking for Drillers for the platform drilling side of our business.  The successful candidates will work on the UKCS on a 3/3 rotation.


The driller ensures that the well operations are carried out safely and efficiently and in accordance to the operation plan, procedures and good industry practices. Has overall responsibility for all rig floor operations. Ensure that he has established communication channels with the rig mudloggers and onshore support centres. The driller will immediately report any defective rig floor equipment. Ensure that all employees under their authority have sufficient information and knowledge to carry out their job without endangering any persons, plant or equipment and are adequately trained and experienced for a particular task before they are instructed to carry it out.


The key duties of this position include, but are not limited to, the responsibilities detailed below:


  • Responsible for the performance of drilling operations in accordance with procedures and guidelines laid down by Senior Toolpusher, Toolpusher, and Drilling Supervisor.
  • Become familiar with the new well programme. Discuss any concerns with the programme.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the work he supervises takes account of the safety of the crew, and for proper and regulatory work performance.
  • Conduct internal assessments (where applicable) to company standards and procedures on activities within your area of competence.
  • Ensure that information/safety meetings with the crew take place daily, and shall provide guidance and information about ongoing and future work operations and procedures.
  • Planning next step in operation to ensure a safe and efficient plan.
  • Ensure that procedures are followed.
  • Organise all operational and QHSE activities in the Drilling Areas.
  • Ensure that all Drilling work areas are kept in a clean and safe condition to work in.
  • Shall have full control of the well and be prepared to secure the well at any time during operations.
  • Operate drilling equipment.
  • Organise “on the job training” for Assistant Driller/Drill Crew.
  • Keep an accurate written log of the drilling activities on the shift and report this on the Odfjell Drilling Rig Manager system.
  • Have a detailed log of all drilling components in the hole at any time.
  • Ensure that nothing can enter or fall into the hole at any time.
  • Has a duty to keep informed about all details concerning well checks and well control issues.
  • Ensure that containment of the wellbore is possible at all times and a kick sheet is updated daily, or in accordance to the well geometry.
  • Ensure that the governing well control procedures are adopted, practiced and understood.
  • Ensure that all well control equipment is maintained and kept in good working condition. (PVTs/Flow meters/Alarms etc.).
  • Run regular Kick/Well control drills with the crew in accordance with Odfjell and Client procedures/guidelines.
  • Operates the hoisting equipment, rotary table and supervises drill crew while making connections, tripping, testing, etc., until the well is completed to the satisfaction of the client and Company management.
  • During tripping, control the speed at which the pipe is being lowered or withdrawn and the breaking out and making up of each section of pipe.
  • Pressure test well control equipment at appropriate stages during drilling to Client/Platform standards. Record and store test results.
  • Ensure that all accidents, unsafe practices or conditions observed by the persons under their authority are reported promptly to the Rig Superintendent.
  • Monitor personnel under their supervision in their approach towards safety and provide proactive coaching whenever necessary.
  • Carry out competence assessment in respect of departmental staff, performance evaluations and identify long term career potential etc.


The successful candidate must have the following:

  • The right to work in the UK.
  • A minimum of 3 years Driller experience within platform drilling.
  • Hold the minimum certification required to travel offshore.
  • Hold a valid well control certificate.

Applications should be submitted via www.odfjelldrilling.com by  19th October  2018.

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