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Derrickmen- PDR

Derrickmen – Platform Drilling


We are looking for Derrickmen for the platform drilling side of our business.  The successful candidates will work on the UKCS on a 3/3 rotation.


The Derrickman operates monitors and maintains all drilling fluid systems and equipment associated with drilling oil and gas wells from an offshore drilling unit; directs and coordinates work activities associated with drilling fluid system and equipment operations; and works aloft in the derrick and/or at rig floor piperacker console running and retrieving drill string sections from the well bore. The Derrickman works in the pit room or pump room as directed, maintains pit room and mud pump equipment. The Derrickman operates and maintains all related tools and other equipment required to run casing, run and retrieve drill string, riser, subsea equipment and specialized tools as required. During non-drilling operations, the Derrickman’s work activities include repair and maintenance of all drilling systems, equipment and work areas as directed by the Driller. During relocation of the drilling unit, the Derrickman assists as directed in positioning the drilling unit on and off location. 


Key Responsibilities:


  • Reviews with the Mud Engineer various aspects of the mud program and its requirements.
  • Attends a pre-spud meeting with all drill crew members to outline the details of the well program and prepares each team member for the tasks ahead.
  • Assist and relieves the Assistant Driller as required.
  • Work the derrick manually if required.
  • Perform tripping and connection operations making use of all rig floor handling equipment as appropriate.
  • Operation of various pipe handling equipment while making connections, tripping, testing, etc.
  • Work on Stabbing board if required.
  • Operate, monitor and maintain all drilling fluid systems and equipment.
  • Checks valve line-up on all pump related manifolds at the start of each shift.
  • Monitors mud properties, volumes, gains and losses while in the pit room.
  • Directs mud flow (circulation) from mud pits to hole and return as directed by Driller.
  • Receives and ships dry bulk and mud from supply boat to bulk storage tanks.
  • Direct and coordinate work activities associated with drilling fluid system and equipment operations.
  • Builds mud volume and maintains mud properties to client's specifications.
  • Repair and maintenance of all drilling systems, equipment and work areas as directed by the Driller.
  • Assists with maintaining logbook of mud weights, volume and viscosity readings taken throughout the tour.
  • Must be able to recognise the signs of a well kick or blowout before it develop into an emergency condition.

Assists with pre-planning required equipment, materials and procedures needed to perform drilling operations.

  • Drive fork trucks as required for cargo and chemical handling.
  • Stand-in for alternative work discipline as required.
  • Complete any other reasonable tasks as delegated by Line Supervisor.
  • Carry out a comprehensive hand over of ongoing tasks to back-to-back Derrickman.
  • Assist in area inspections as required.
  • Become competent in their particular discipline.
  • Work towards achieving Assistant Drillers competency.
  • Coach Roustabouts and Floorman to assist them with their competency.
  • Attend onshore or offshore meetings and additional training, as required.
  • Attend safety meetings, emergency and life saving drills as required.
  • Attend and contribute to TBT/TRIC's and ensure full understanding of the planned operation and your      responsibilities.
  • In the event of an incident/accident, ensure all steps are taken to make the area secure for investigation and inform the Senior Odfjell Representative immediately.
  • Properly use and care for personal protective equipment.
  • Bring to the immediate notice of their supervisor, any potential hazards to safety, health, plant and equipment, which come to their attention in the course of their work.
  • Carry out planned safety inspections when required.
  • Make use of Safety Observation System e.g. BOSS/STOP.
  • Take immediate action to contain, eliminate or guard against actual and potential hazards to safety, health, plant and equipment which come to their attention in the course of their work.


The successful candidate must have the following:

  • The right to work in the UK.
  • A minimum of 3 years Derrickman experience within platform drilling.
  • Hold the minimum certification required to travel offshore.
  • Hold any OPITO rigging certificates


Applications should be submitted via www.odfjelldrilling.com by  19th October  2018.

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